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About Me

Before going into Business, let me introduce myself.

As I have already told you, my name is Gianna and I was born in Athens, Greece.

I have studied English Literature, Psychology and Metaphysics and I am a Freelance Translator for more than 15 years.

During those years I have been cooperated with many Publishers around the world as well as with Companies, Banks, etc.

I am also the "Leader" of a great team of Translators.
My Team is consisting of many wonderful and well educated people, who have studied in Canada, G. Britain and USA (as I have) and have degrees in Sociology, Literature, Psychology, Law, Journalism etc.

Our History

My colleaques and I, met each other while we were walking on our Life's Path a few years ago.
We found out that we shared not only the same thoughts but the same goal.

To spread people's philosophy and history around the world.
To give a chance to those who want to learn other countries' culture and civilization.
To travel them in other worlds and other dimensions.


That is why we translate only History, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Novels, Films etc.
Not because we can not translate Technical texts or similar to them. We just prefer the other kind best.

So, we started working together, translating our own beautiful but difficult language to one well known language around the world.

What we Offer

You can find what we DO offer in my next page but here is a small brief..........
We tranlate, proofread and edit all "types" of Greek Language into English.
Those "types" are Ancient Greek, Puristic Greek and of course Modern Greek.
Of course the above are vice versa with an exception to Ancient and Puristic Greek which are very difficult to be done but not impossible.


I do not know if DEDICATION, ACCURACY and PROPRIETARY are services.
But I only know this: if they are we OFFER them, too.


We are dedicated to serving our customer's needs, and we make our best for having 100% his satisfaction. We strive to bring you the best in quality service, and if something isn't right, please let us know.

Please come to my next page to find more about me...