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My name is Gianna Pantazides-Gravezas and I am a Greek ! ! !

I have built this website, not only to promote my work but also to meet people from all the parts of our world.

Here, you can find out about me, my team and my work.

You can also find answers to questions regarding the Greek Language


You can also find a very good friend ! ! !

My work is accurate, appropriate and punctual because I love and care for it.
It is more than an occupation, because for me "translation" means "creation".

It is like I create a new text, script or even a book.

I know that most of the Translators say and believe the same thing as I do, but it is up to you to find out the truth!

We hope you will find the information you are looking for on this site. We look forward to working with you.

Come and visit my next pages.
I am sure you will find interesting things.

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Please send me your message.

I will be grateful to read your comments about my site or share your opinion or suggestion you might have.

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